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Solar System Lithium Battery Pack

Description HSS48100 HSS48200
Product specification 51.2V100Ah 51.2V200Ah
Nominal voltage 51.2V 51.2V
Nominal capacity 100Ah 200Ah
Material type LiFePO4 LiFePO4
Standard charging voltage 58.4V 58.4V
Max charging current 100A 100A
Discharge cut-off voltage 40V 40V
Max discharge current 100A 100A
Parallels function Support 15 units in Parallels Support 15 units in Parallels
Communication mode RS485/RS232/CAN(optional) RS485/RS232/CAN(optional)
Cyclelife ≥4000cycle/80% of Rated Capacity DOD95.0% ≥4000cycle/80% of Rated Capacity DOD95.0%
Cooling Natural cooling Natural cooling
Operating Temperature -10~55℃ -10~55℃
Recommended Temperature 15~25℃ 15~25℃
Dimensions W483*T540*H132.5mm W483*T570*H221.5mm
Weight About 37.5±1.5kg About 78.0±2.0kg
Installation method Rack mounted /Stacked Rack mounted /Stacked

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